HH25A hybrid


Features of HH25A hybrid

HH25A(25ton Die Locking force) was developed for energy saving and environment improve,it uses servo
motor at injection side and the other mechanism such as die clamping, ejector, and nozzle touch are using
hydraulic. Use servo motor for injection it make machine injection performance be stable for every shot,
it was easy for setting and control.New design toggle unit,it make locking force concentrate at the centre
of platen. It was improved efficacy and working environment by new develop of hydraulic system with idling
stop function and furnace heating system without gooseneck heater.

▶ New locking system
Die locking mechanism adopts the CENTER FORCE system which pushes the center of the mold. Bending of a mold is reduced.
Furthermore, by abolishing the conventional tie bar guide system and using a linear guide, it has structure which can maintain accuracy more.
HH25A  HH25A

▶ Saving energy
About 35% of energy saving is realized by carrying inverter control and an idling stop function in a hydraulic pump. The capacity of electric furnace heater is down from 18.6kw to 10kw. About 50% cut of electric power
capacity was enabled by gooseneck heaterless system.
HH25A  HH25A

▶ Quality improvement
Performing speed feedback with electric servo control, while being affected to the injection speed by disturbance in the conventional hydraulic type DC machine, it rectifies and contributes to mass-production with stable quality
Moreover, it can be detailed injection setting, such as injection control which makes less the flash by a high response.
HH25A  HH25A

State the door is open

Technical Data
Die locking force kN 250
Space between tie bars mm 271×271
Die stroke mm 160
Die height mm 140~330
Maximum Injection force KN 32
Injection stroke mm 100
Injection position mm 0/-40
Ejector force KN 21
Ejector stroke mm 50
Nozzle touch force KN 16
Nozzle touch stroke mm 180
Injection plunger diameter mm 45
Casting pressure MPa 20.1
Casting area (efficiency 100%) cm2 124
Maximum shot weight (efficiency 75%) kg 0.81
Dry cycle time sec 2
Working pressure MPa 10.5
Oil tank capacity L 120
Melting pot capacity kg 200
Electric motor capacity kw 3.7
Power supply capacity KVA 43
Output of electric furnace kw 10
Machine weight ton 3

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.