Social and Environmental Activities


As part of its social contribution activities,
HISHINUMA MACHINERY CO., LTD is engaged in such activities Donation and roadside cleaning around the company.

In the future, I will continue working on various social contribution activities.

【Remittance of the main Donation so far】

Japan Association for UNHCR
Japan Committee for UNICEF
Arashiyama Machisato-chi woodlands making
Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Japanese Red Cross Society・apan Association for UNHCR)
Japanese Red Cross Society 
Japanese Red Cross Saitama branch(Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake The other)
Saitama Community Chest Association(Red Feather fundraising・The year-end fund-raising help each other)

【Disaster you make a major donation activity to date】
2008 Myanmar cyclone
China Sichuan earthquake
Iwate-Miyagi Inland Earthquake
2009 Philippines typhoon
Samoa earthquake tsunami
Sumatra Earthquake
2010 Haiti earthquake
Chile earthquake
Pakistan flood
China flood
2011 New Zealand earthquake
Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake