HM50Fis Fully Electric Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine which utilizing an electric servo motor the driving of die locking, ejection and injection, moreover, the motor drive was adopted for the nozzle touch mechanism. With minimized hydraulic fluid and excellent noise reduction our machine is environmentally friendly and creates a clean and safe working environment. In addition, with easily adjustable speed torque, high precision production is fully achievable.

Features of HM50F

Adopted the all-electric, and establish a reduction-clean work environment of energy-saving and noise

Is easy to speed-torque adjustment, high repeatability, enabling stable production


▶ Energy Saving
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン
For the hydraulic type machine hydralic pump will be always active. For the electric type machine servo motor only operate for a while when die loking, ejector or injection mech-anism is moving, For nozzle touch mechanism, it can be operated continuously without electric power by mechanical brake to hold the nozzle touch force. Power consumption reduces 70% compared with a hydraulic type machines.(compare with our same type machine without combustion system), It greatly contributes to energy conservation. 
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン
▶ Considerations for the environment
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン
Because it have no hydraulic pump, so machine is not need to using hydraulic fluid, it results of noise reduce and create a clean and safe working environment, Reduction of machine cooling water, we make the environmentally friendly die casting machine.
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン
▶ Quality Improvement
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン
With the injection speed feedback by the servo motor control, compared with the conven-tional hydraulic machine it is possible to makes stable and high precision casting continually. Use the injection-control brake function, it can be reduce such as flash by high response, also the details setting function, it can make contribute improve the quality of products. 
HM50F 全電動ホットチャンバーダイカストマシン



▶ Medium blow servo spray equipment【MCR-S Series】
Whereas in the conventional hydraulic machine affected injection speed due to a disturbance, and by performing the speed feedback in the electric servo control, and contributes to the corrected mass casting of stable quality to disturbance. Also, now available delicate injection setting decided such as injection control for pressing the burr by high response.
▶ Servo trimming device【TP-M Series】
Arbitrarily set the drop speed torque. You can optimum operation registration combined to use.
Since the hydraulic pump is not required, because it does not use any hydraulic oil, you also realize without clean work environment noise.

Technical Data

Die locking force 500kN
Space between tie bars 326×302mm
Die stroke 215mm
Die height 170~340mm
Injection force 50kN
Injection stroke 130mm
Ejector force 30kN
Ejector stroke 70mm
Nozzle touch force 28kN
Nozzle touch stroke 180mm
injection plunger diameter Φ50mm
Casting pressure 26.4MPa
Casting area(casting efficiency100%)
Maximum shot weight(casting efficiency75%) 1.28kg
Power supply capacity 20KVA
Weight of machine 5ton

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.