Company History


1956.9 Company founded(Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
1961.10 Company Established (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
1963.4 Developed first Injection Machine
1964.4 Developed Hot Chamber Die casting Machine
1975.11 Developed Cold Chamber Die casting Machine
1982.9 Developed Parting Injection Die casting Machine
1983.6 Managing Director, Hiroshi Hishinuma (Founder passing away)
Kenichi Hishinuma assumed Representative Director
1987.12 Established Hishinuma International (Hong Kong)
1989.10 Altered company name to Hishinuma Machinery
Yuji Hishinuma assumed Representative Director
1994.5 Developed Magnesium Hot chamber Die casting Machine
1994.5 Obtained CE marking
1995.5 Estavlished Hishinuma (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
1998.3 Estavlished Castflow institute (Hong Kong)
2000.12 Obtained ISO9001
2005.12 Rebuilt and expanded the main plant
2006.4 Estavlished Service Office in Dongguan City,China
2006.9 The 50th anniversary of the founding
2006.10 shozo Hishinuma assumed Representative Director
2010.8 Estavlished Hishinuma Asia Co.,Ltd. Thailand
2011.2 Estavlished Dongguan Lingzhu Machinery Co.,Ltd.
2011.5 Obtained ISO 14001
2012.12 Estavlished Chubu office