Founder Hiroshi Hishinuma


In 1921, Mr. Hiroshi Hishinuma was born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where the industry in prosperity since the Meiji era. During World War II, while returning Japan from the Battle of Imphal on the border of Burma (now Myanmar), the ship was sunk on the way back, and he was saved and landed in the Philippines miraculously. After he returned to Japan in 1946, he worked for an automobile manufacturing company.

In 1956 he founded Hishinuma Workshop in Kawasaki City and started manufacturing parts by self-development (at home) with one lathe and one drilling machine only. 5 years later, he built a factory in Kawasaki and succeeded in prototype Blow Molding Machine while working in the parts processing industry. And then he starts to build the plastic injection molding machine, leading to OEM manufacturing of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines.

In 1969, our company moved to Ranzan Town, Saitama Prefecture, where is the headquarters location now. He launched the "HISHINUMA" brand and started selling his own brand Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine.

In 1982, he developed an innovative Parting Injection Die Casting Machine and remained at the forefront of technological development, but he passed away just one year later in 1983 at the age of 62.

He belief that switching from parts processing business to machine manufacturing, establishing his own brand, and challenging innovative products are still inherited by Hishinuma Machinery Group.



To manufacture superior machines.

1. Technology 2. Discipline 3. Co-operation

Make an effort to improve the quality, reduce the cost, and innovate the technology to succeed.

The company must fulfill the responsibility for their employees, their families, and society of achievements.


  • YEAR

    Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on August 30.
  • 1945

    Joined the 7th Railway Regiment Landed in the Philippines after leaving for Burma (now Myanmar).
  • 1946

    After the end of the war, landed in Kagoshima and lived in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • 1947

    Returned to Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and worked at Ikegai Automotive Manufacturing Co. Became executive committee member and general secretary of the labor union.
  • 1950

    The first son, Kenichi was born. (The second president)
  • 1954

    The second son, Yuji was born. (The third president)
  • 1956

    Started parts processing business with one lathe and one drilling machine at Home.
  • 1959

    The third son, Shozo was born. (The forth president)
  • 1961

    Setup a factory in Ogura, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • 1962

    Expanded the 2nd factory to build a Prototype Blow Molding Machine.
  • 1963

    Attempted to manufacture injection molding machines.
  • 1964

    Started OEM production of Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines.
  • 1969

    Factory relocated to Ranzan Town, Saitama Prefecture
  • 1972

    Starting sales of HISHINUMA brand Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines.
  • 1975

    Starting sales of HISHINUMA brand Cold chamber Die Casting Machines.
  • 1982

    Developed and started sales the Parting Injection Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines.
  • 1983

    Ended his life of 62 years. The patent for the parting machine became public knowledge.
  • 2021

    100th anniversary of the birth of Hiroshi Hishinuma.

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