Beyond the 50th anniversary!

Hishinuma machinery Co.,Ltd. was established at city of Kawasaki, one of largestindustrial area in Japan in 1956.Our first mission was machining of parts for industrial vehicles.In 1964, we started manufacturing Die casting machines.About 2500 of Die casting machines were delivered to all over the world.In 2006, we had 50 years anniversary, and re-organization of company managements.Based upon leadership of new president, Shozo Hishinuma, we will try to reach at another

higher target for another 50years.

ISO Quality

Providing users throughout the world with high-standard die casting machinesfrom the perspective of performance, safety , operability, durability,energy-saving and customer service.

What is the die casting?

Die casting is the generic name for the Die casting method and products.
It was said that the Casting history begun making bowl with molten cooper poured into the die in Mesopotamia BC4000.
The Die casting method ,then made use of various field such as currency, agricultural machine and implements, sword, outfits, Buddhist alter fittings.

Toward the method which molten metal was poured into the die by only its gravity,
Die casting method giving the high pressure to the molten metal was invented by Mr.Bass in 1838 in USA.
According to the development of mass-communication in North America, the demand of type set for typography increased, and mass-production method for Die casting was established.

In 1917 in Japan, the first die casting company was established, and started the die casting production with lower welting point alloy, such as lead, tin and zinc.
In early 1920's die casting production for aluminum and lead alloy became available in Japan.
By 1952, the production volume in Japan was about 1000 - 2000 tons and in 2005 the production volume increased over 1 million ton, due to drastic demands for automobile and residence industries.
Furthermore, Die casting is expected to apply the demands from various industries.