Clamping force of maximum in U series

Model U30 Die Casting Machine has the capacity to hold dies up to 250 x 295mm in size and it has inherited the features of higher cycle operation of U20, moreover it is highly suitable for complex slide shapes of mobile phones and automobile components. Model U30 is the largest machine in the U series and was developed to target conventional horizontal type 50ton class casting products.

U Series Features

Less air trapped in the metal flow during die fill, it makes the casting parts excellent.

With parting injection system, it makes less re-melting material and can reduce a lot of re-melting cost.

Sprueless system it makes die opening stroke shorter.



▶ Parting injection
U_Series U_Series
The sprueless casting has been resulted by direct injection of metal at the parting line.The parting line injection system has resulted in constant higher cycle casting by reducing areas for air entrapment in the casting.

▶ Gooseneck
U_Series U_Series
Using a check valve system the molten metal moves to the tip of the nozzle thus reduces air entrapment, which produces a high quality casting.It is special type Gooseneck only available on U series machines.

▶ Touch panel monitor
U_Series U_Series
The standard equipped touch panel display makes easy management of machinepossible.It assists by displaying optimum settings for the various kinds of die, monitoring the machine performance, management of injection parts and stores the alarm records.Multi Languages: multiple languages may be displayedthis is an option.(Languages displayable: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Thai )

Comparison of Horizontal die-casting machine and Parting injection die casting machine

▶ Horizontal die-casting machine(25ton)  ▶ Parting injection die casting machine(U20)
  1cavity/shot Casting weight Scrap weight
25ton 13sec/shot 24.202g 60.87g
U20 5sec/shot 24.263g 20.8g
8ton 6sec/shot 2.5g 7.4g
U2W 2.5sec/shot 2.5g 3.3g
▶ Horizontal die-casting machine(8ton)  ▶ Parting injection die casting machine(U2W)

【Casting sample】


▶ Product take-out apparatus
U_Series U_Series
Accurate detecting and handling of the casting reduces possible
damage to both the die and casting.

▶ Injection waveform monitor
U_Series U_Series
Assists the operator in obtaining the optimum setting of injection plunger position, injection speed and pressure. Adopted a long-life non-contact position sensor.

▶ Medium blow spray device
U_Series U_Series
High speed inner spray device corresponding to the parting injection system. The die lubricant is reliably sprayed onto the complex-shaped die without slowing the cycle time.

Technical Data

Die locking force kN 300
Space between tie bars mm 255*255
Die stroke mm 140
Die height mm 185~280
Injection force KN 36.3
Injection stroke mm 60
Ejector force/Fixed die ejection force KN


Ejector stroke/Fixed die ejection stroke mm 40
Core puler cylinder force/Movable die ejection force
KN 19
Core puler cylinder stroke/Movable die ejection stroke mm 30
Nozzle touch force KN 33
Nozzle touch stroke mm 180
Injection plunger diameter mm 30
Casting pressure MPa 51.3
Casting area (efficiency 100%) cm2 58.5
Maximum shot weight (efficiency 75%) g 213
Dry cycle time sec 2
Working pressure MPa 10.5
Oil tank capacity L 200
Electric motor capacity kw 5.5
Melting pot capacity kg 170
Power supply capacity KVA 8
Output of electric furnace kw 21.9
Machine weight ton 2.7

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.