HC50F コールドチャバーダイカストマシン

Features of HC100F

High cycle casting was realized by high-speed die locking and quick toggle.

Digital control is possible by injection lower speed logic valve and injection high speed valve control by motor.

3 stages injection position (0,-50,-100)

HC Series Features

Small cold chamber die casting machine serialization.

Product quality improves by shifting to minority Cavity mold design from multi-cavity.

Standard equipped multi ‒ language touch-panel.



▶ Injection twin circuit ▶ Injection digital control
The twin intensification circuit, it makes freely to set
the position, it satisfy all kinds of processing
requirements. (Exclude HC50F and HC200F)
Injection lower speed logic valve can be set from
0.1~0.5 m/s easily.Injection high speed valve
control by motor, it can easy to setting by touch
▶ Injection position switching function ▶ Multilingual touch panel display
Injection position is not fixed, it's easy to located the die to fit the die platen.(Exclude HC50F)
Standard equipped multi ‒ language TFT touch-panel display.
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai)
▶ Quick toggle  
Quick toggle for die locking unit.(Exclude HC50F)



▶ Injection waveform monitoring device ▶ Clamping force display
Displays injection wave(position, speed and
pressure), and grasp of relevant casting conditions.
Displays the die locking force digitally.
When die locking force was except a rated value,
the safety circuit works to stop the injection.
▶ Motor-driven safety door  
The motor-drive safety door reduces the failure rate
of long duration operations and shorten the door
opening / closing time.


▶ Spray dispensing apparatus ▶ Fully automatic water heater
Extractor and spray unit work at the same line, it makes space saving
The ladle works smoothly by inverter control.
▶ Servo trimming device
Possible to set arbitrary for descend speed and torque. It can be set the best operation matched to various purposes.

Technical Data

Die locking force 1000kN
Space between tie bars 425×425mm
Die stroke 340mm(Variable)
Die height 250~500mm
Maximum Injection force 159kN
Intensification ratio 1 : 2
Injection stroke 305mm
Injection position 0mm, -50mm, -100mm
Tip projection 125mm
Plunger tip diameter 50mm
Ejector force 70kN
Ejector stroke 75kn
Electric motor
Electric power 17KVA
Oil tank capacity 300L
Weight of machine 6ton

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.