F2 Series Features

Adopt a non-contact proximity switch for 2 steps changing mechanism for injection slow/fast that is resulted in long life

Standard equipped sequencer control system and 8 inch liquid crystal color display touch panel

Corresponds to many languages;Japanese,English,Chinese,Korean and Thai(Option setting)



▶Equipped with limit switch ▶Can be constantly temperature management monitoring
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Standard equipped external limit switch with injection cylinder.
It made possible easily adjustment the change over position for injection slow/fast
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Illustration panel on the control box allows all management information for the temperature of furnace and heaters
▶Can be set to various casting conditions ▶Monitoring the output of the hydraulic valve
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Storage the various kinds of casting condition up to 20 type dies.
Needless to resetting the casting condition every time die changing
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Monitoring the output of hydraulic valve and each limit switch
▶Individually manage the injection parts ▶The store alarm uptime
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Shot counter allows the management of injection parts individually and draws the accurate information of exchange date
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Storage and indicates alarm records and operation hours of machine and equipment



▶Injection waveform display ▶Fully automatic water heater
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
Assist the operator in obtaining the optimum setting of injection plunger position,
injection speed and pressure
CX25F2 ホットチャンバータイプダイカストマシン
The display of die locking force allows easy adjustment of die height.
And it relates to the interlock function for injection

Technical Data

Die locking force kN 80
Space between tie bars mm 160×170
Die stroke mm 107
Die height mm 120~180
Maximum Injection force KN 9.5
Injection stroke mm 70
Injection position mm 0/-15
Ejector force KN 6
Ejector stroke mm 40
Nozzle touch force KN 8
Nozzle touch stroke mm 100
Injection plunger diameter mm 25
Casting pressure MPa 18.3
Casting area (efficiency 100%) cm2 43
Maximum shot weight (efficiency 75%) kg 0.17
Dry cycle time sec 1.2
Working pressure MPa 6.0
Oil tank capacity L 115
Melting pot capacity kg 110
Electric motor capacity kw 3.7
Power supply capacity KVA 6
Output of electric furnace kw 18.6
Machine weight ton 1

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.