Feature of machine

●Standard equipped with PLC control system and LCD touch panel.
●Corresponds to many languages such as Japan, the English, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc.
●Possible to manage temperature and injection condition through touch panel
●Space between tie bars is 460x460mm. Possible to remote control the speed and pressure of Die locking, Ejector and Core puller. (Standard of over150t.)

Temperature control
Possible to set each heater temperature and alarm Equipped with temperature graph function.
Safety cover
New design focused on functionality and safety. Improved workability by ensuring the space.
Die Locking control
Possible to remote control each speed and pressure of Die locking, Ejector and core puller by proportional valve. (Standard of over 150t)

Injection mechanism
Enhance performance and stability by logic valve. Easy to setting injection speed exchange by limit switch
Die locking mechanism
Due to stress analysis and years of accumulated know-how, A high precision, high rigidity, long-life mold clamping device is realized.
Furnace with pull-out function
Easy to change the heater by pull-out the furnace Realize the stable temperature control and clean working environment.

Technical Data

Die locking force kN 1500
Space between tie bars mm 460×460
Die stroke mm 380
Die height mm 220~500
Injection force KN 99.7
Injection stroke mm 200
Injection position mm 0/-100
Ejector force KN 85.5
Ejector stroke mm 90
Nozzle touch force KN 72
Nozzle touch stroke mm 300
Injection plunger diameter mm 65
Casting pressure MPa 30
Casting area (efficiency 100%) cm2 498
Maximum shot weight (efficiency 75%) kg 3.38
Dry cycle time sec 4.5
Working pressure MPa 10.5
Oil tank capacity L 350
Melting pot capacity kg 500
Electric motor capacity kw 18.5
Power supply capacity KVA 30
Output of electric furnace kw 58
Machine weight ton 8

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please understand that the above specifications may be changed without notice.