Features of CXMG60

Suitable for high cycle precision component of compact size.

Capable of space between tie bars up to 330 x 330mm.

Duel circuit accumulator for injection pressure and die locking

CXMG Series Features

Advanced magnesium hot chamber die casting machines serialization.

Excellent stability and durability which enabled prolonged high cycle casting continuously.

Standard equipped multi-language touch panel and piston type accumulator.

Maximum injection speed realized 6m/sec by dry shot.



▶ High-speed injection equipment ▶ Nozzle touch cylinder
Logic valve and piston type accumulator on the higher speed injector enable constant injection and product quality.
Maximum injection speed 6m/sec by dry shot achieved.
By shifting the nozzle touch cylinder at the operation side and helper side, it improved the maintenance works around injection nozzle.
▶ Withdrawal ShikiToru flash furnace ▶ Multilingual touch panel display
Drawer type melting furnace, it makes heating element exchange work be easy.
Standard equipped multi ‒ language TFT touch-panel display.
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai)


▶ Injection waveform monitoring device ▶ Clamping force display
Displays injection wave(position, speed and pressure), and grasp of relevant casting conditions.
Displays the die locking force digitally.
When die locking force was except a rated value, the safety circuit works to stop the injection.
▶ Nozzle heater ▶ Gooseneck heater
Improves working environment by heating a nozzle equally, and it makes stable casting.
Since a gooseneck is heated with a heater, it contributestoimprovementinwork environment and prevents gas entering into a furnace, also leads to reduction of an oxide.

▶ Hydraulic jack-up system ▶ Motor drive safety door
The central hydraulic jack up system allows easy injection position changing.
The motor-drive safety door reduces the failure rate of long duration operations and shorten the door opening / closing time.
▶ Sub-plate
By attaching the exchangeable steel plate to platen, it is reduction of the maintenance cost.

Peripheral equipment

▶ Hydraulic automatic clamp ▶Ingot preheating automatic insertion equipment
Hydraulic mold clamping, it can easy to mold exchange
safely in a short time.
The preheated ingot is supplied automatically, it can easy to control the metal level.
▶ Mold temperature controller
Management of mold temperature is indispensable to mass production of high precision products.


Technical Data

Die locking force kN 600
Space between tie bars mm 330×330
Die stroke mm 215
Die height mm 170~340
Injection force KN 47
Injection stroke mm 120
Injection position mm 0/-65
Ejection force KN 39
Ejector stroke mm 70
Nozzle touch force KN 28
Nozzle touch stroke mm 300
Injection plunger diameter mm Φ50/55
Casting pressure MPa 23/19
Casting area (efficiency 100%) cm2 260/315
Maximum shot weight (efficiency 75%) kg 0.32/0.39
Dry cycle time sec 4
Working pressure MPa 10.5
Oil tank capacity L 195
Melting pot capacity kg 200
Electric motor capacity kw 7.5
Power supply capacity KVA 27
Output of electric furnace kw 45
Machine weight ton 3.5

The above specifications may vary depending on the model.
Please note that the above specifications are subject to change without notice.